Our Community Center


The mission of PUSH’s Grant Street Neighborhood Center is to provide an open, safe and productive community space with resources and programs that respond to expressed community needs.

The Grant Street Neighborhood Center serves as a drop-in community center for the public. Our open, safe and productive space provides daily activities and programming that are intentionally infused with opportunities to build critical consciousness through participatory education.


Opened in 1968, this building at 271 Grant St. served as the Northwest District Branch Library. It was closed in December 2005 due to budget restraints. Many community members rallied for the building to be kept open.

With the help of the city Council Member David Rivera, the building reopened in 2006 as a non-profit incubator for two community development organizations: the Massachusetts Avenue Project (MAP) and PUSH. In July 2009, Council Member Rivera hired Janice Li as full-time staff to continue keeping the space open to the public as well as expand the resources and programs available in the building. Janice Li was the Program Manager until fall of 2013. Her passionate service and commitment to the neighborhood contributed to much of what the Center has become today.

With the help of MAP, PUSH, and Council Member Rivera, the Grant Street Neighborhood Center, continues to seek out more partnerships in order to meet needs and interests expressed by our members and in the community.

Present Day

Currently the GSNC serves over 60 people every day, most of whom are youth between 10 and 20 years of age, from all over the neighborhood. We are open Monday- Friday 2:30-7:00pm. Youth come in to do homework, use one of our 10 computers, play board games, read books or play on our PS3. We currently have 3 in-house programs – Guy Talk and Girl Talk for our teens and Writing Club for our younger members. In addition, we are currently running a 4 month Recycle-a-Bike program in partnership with Go-Bike where 10 youth get to learn how to work with tools, dismantle old bikes, and use the parts to build new bikes which they get to keep.

Volunteer with us!

The Grant Street Neighborhood Center is always looking for more volunteers. Anyone interested in working with our creative, diverse youth should contact Keith Kristich, the Grant Street Neighborhood Center Program Manager at [email protected].

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Mission Statements

Guy Talk

Guy Talk seeks to bring men together in an open, safe and productive atmosphere, free of judgment and condemnation to express what we all encounter in life. We desire to become men of leadership, confidence and critical thinking. Guy talks seeks that men see their full potential, purpose and gifts in order to take control of their own lives, living as ethical leaders.

Girl Talk

Creating leaders one girl at a time Girl Talk allows girls to be open with their ideas and share thoughts, views, and struggles. We encourage and uplift young women by assuring the safety of freedom to express themselves without being judgmental. At girl talk we aspire to build and mold young girls into positive, productive young women, by equipping them with the tools to succeed in all aspects in life as they become leaders and role models in and out of their community.

Writing Club

Writing Club is a time where elementary and middle school aged youth come together to express themselves through writing. We seek to provide a relaxed and nonjudgmental space where youth can participate in creative activities that are guided by their interests and input. We aspire for our attendants to feel more and more comfortable with writing, themselves and one another. And consequently, for them to feel empowered with stronger writing skills, self-confidence, and the ability to share and collaborate –while having fun all along the way!