Energy Efficiency. We can help you increase the comfort of your home or business while reducing your monthly utility bills.  Energy assessments allow you to pinpoint exactly where you are losing energy and get recommendations about how to improve your building’s performance.  Assessments are free for most home owners so contact us today to get started. You can even fill out the energy assessment application online here, and we’ll reach out to you about the next steps.

Going Solar.  Solar allows you to harness the power of the sun to create clean, renewable energy for your home or business. Going solar can help you save thousands of dollars on utility costs while doing your part for the planet.  Time is running out for many rebates and other incentives, so now is the time to go solar with PUSH Green. To learn more, fill out this online solar interest form and our Solar Energy Advocate will contact you to follow up.

Small Commercial and Nonprofit Businesses. We’ve developed a unique program for small businesses to pair energy improvements such as high efficiency lighting, updated heating systems, and kitchen equipment, with related building improvements to access grant money that can reimburse up to 40% of a project cost.